black and white hazelnut choco cupcakes

chocolate hazelnut cupcake

i just went back to work and since it's getting cold these days , i crave somthing chocolaty in the morning with my coffee at the office , specially that my pc is near the window with the perfect view of the green amazing garden .

there r few kinds of cookies , but i don't know why i always taste something strange in those cookies , maybe it's just me but i can't eat them !! so i made up my mind to make my own cookies and take them with me to the office , but i was too lazy to make them, i was like ok even cupcakes will do it lol and for sure chocolate hazelnut cupcakes are the best with coffee when it's raining and u need energy ! so here we go , off to the kitchen .....

you'll need :
  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1.5 cup flour
  • 1.5 tsp B.P
  • 3/4 vegtable oil
  • 2/3 cup whole milk
  • 3 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup chopped hazelnut

* should make 12 cupcakes depends on ur cupcakes size

  • first u need to mix the eggs and sugar till they become light and kindda white ,while they r mixing u need to sift the flour and the baking powder together .
  • when the eggs mixture become light add the oil then add the milk , if u were mixing on a high speed u need to slow it down when adding the milk and then turn the mixer off add the flour+ the baking powder , u'll need to mix it with a hand mixer to let the air goes into the batter for a better result but u can also just add it to the electrical mixer .
  • now after all the flour is gone, scope like 12 table spoons from the batter to another plate and set aside .
  • add the cocoa and the hazelnuts to the old batter and mix it same way till it's all becomes one :) .
  • scope the batter to the cupcakes pan after buttering it , then add about a table spoon of the other white cake mixture on top of each supcake like showen in the picture below

bake for 20 min ,180 C

hot from the oven :D YUM

now i can't wait till tom morning :)


Apple Cupcakes

my cam didn't work well lol it was focusing on the apple instead of the cupcakes .

i made up my mind to make an apply cake after i got fed up with the apple pie we all know , it's yumy but i wanted to try something with this great fruit so i was searching on of my fav food websites and i found this easy recipe for an appl coffee cake that simply melts in the mouth and super easy to make

i made it so many times till i got tired of the same shape and yesterday i was craving some cupcakes ,so yeah i had the apples the fresh cinnamon that makes the flavour of the apple with sugar becomes more strong and the butter so why not try making that cake into cupcakes :) lol

so here we go the recipe is the same as this just changed the baking dish into the cupcakes pan grease it well with butter and some flour or simplly add the cupcakes papers which would be earsier to take them off later .

scope one tablespoon as the first layer then put your apples " i added cinnamon to the apples for more flavour " and cover it with a ful tablespoon of the batter " don't worry if it's not much coz it'll rise "

rising in the oven , i didn't set the oven on 180 C i forgot it on 200 C so that is why they didn't get the chance to rise the way it should but sure for u it will :)

enjoy it with hot tea while it's raining like i did this morning , ymooo wallahi the way it melts in the mouth is soo amazing